November 2017

Bollywood in our Lives
[Bollywood-March 2009]

Bollywood, the Indian film industry, means more to Indians than Hollywood does to the Americans. It has always been an integral part of our lives, country, and culture. For over several decades, Bollywood has brought us tears, happiness, joy, and sorrow. We’ve laughed; we’ve cried, and then we’ve been influenced by Hindi cinema. Bollywood shapes our lives in many ways.

Fashion is first and foremost! When we see it on the big screen, we know it’s “in” and we want it! Whether it was the saris of K3G,

the mughal regalia from Jodha Akbar,

patialas from Bunty aur Bubli and Veer Zaara,

Deepika Padukone’s 70’s look in Om Shanti Om,

or just the various times we’ve seen Rani, Aishwarya, and many others in those beautiful yet sleazy chiffons and silks!

Our clothes have always been greatly shaped by the movies. Who can say that they didn’t crave for one of those drop-dead gorgeous saris worn by Rani Mukherjee in Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna?

Saris practically spell Bollywood. What do you think of when you think of Indian movies? A couple of stars dancing around in revealing yet appealing clothes. If Preity Zinta wore patialas in Veer Zaara and Aishwarya and Sonam Kapoor wore anarkalis in Umrao Jaan and Saawariya then so did we.

Who can say that they didn’t dream of nine yard Bengali silks from Devdas. Especially that blue one. So there you go. Bollywood definitely plays an integral role in fashion and fashion is surely a huge part of Indian culture.

Other then fashion there are of course the usual influences. Food? Maybe not everyone is affected by this but how many times are names and labels advertised to us. Such as Ben and Jerry’s ice cream in Salaam Namaste and Starbucks Coffee or Hrithik Roshan and his Gobi ke Parathae in one of his films.

In addition, Bollywood has influenced all aspects of our life. Music. Dance. Culture. It’s like a whole nother world. Bollywood has given us a lot throughout the years. Of course, lately, some of the releases have become rather vulgar and they are implementing quite a bit of western influence but either way it’s all glitz and glamor.

No other film industry, not even Hollywood, can compare with Bollywood. Every year it breaks the record of making the most films. Of course, we tend to forget that Bollywood isn’t just limited to Hindi cinema. There’s an entire range of Indian movies and many of the country’s beautiful languages. Our culture, though so diverse, is all so very unique yet synonamous with one larger culture.

Not only has the Indian film industry influenced us Indians but the entire world. Next time you have a minute, give it a thought! How has Bollywood influenced your life? Then let us know!

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