October 2017

Roadside Romeo Merchandise
[Bollywood-November 2008]

Roadside Romeo, the animated film made by Yash Raj Films and Walt Disney together, now has merchandise for sell online. The merchandise includes, but is not limited to, bed sheets, mugs, tiffin boxes, and water bottles.

The production companies have teamed up with HomeShop18 to make this possible. Visit their website to find some of these great products.

The merchandise may be popular, especially with children, but the movie was a flop at the box office. Not a surprise, considering that Bollywood films have not done so great this year.

In fact, Heroes, which was released on the same day did better at the box office. Although Roadside Romeo is supposed to appeal to a younger audience, and perhaps the reason why it failed as well, it is not exactly kid friendly! Some of the scenes are inappropriate for children, perhaps not by Western standards, but definitely by Indian.

[photo credits: homeshop18.com, yashrajfilms.com]

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