October 2017

Wake Up Sid
[Bollywood-October 2009]

I can’t say I liked it and I won’t say I hated it but it was definitely not my type of movie. Indian movies have changed so much, especially in the last decade. Some see this as a positive move forward. I, on the other hand, see this as bad western influence. Some said the film was refreshing; others found it to be mature, and many believe that the industry’s movies have matured in general. Now that all depends on what you call mature!

If Indian girls dressed in low cut western garb, showing their skin, and boasting their independence is mature in your opinion then perhaps you are the one who is immature in the first place. This is what the world has come to and this is what society enjoys and welcomes happily into life. So then why is it surprising if we’re seeing it at the movies.

Yes, Sid is definitely an immature, careless, young fellow who has been spoiled by his parents (who’s fault is that?) and needs to grow up and learn to accept his responsibilities. Sure, it is about his journey to maturing and becoming a decent and respectable young man but really…does he have to learn all this from a girl?? An overconfident young woman who boasts her independence. A girl who has left behind her own family for a strange city. Someone who is unwed and chasing after a career. Who as an Indian woman has not many values and character left in her to be worth being called so.

This all goes to show how collectivist societies, such as India, are becoming more and more individualistic. Where coexistence and selflessness are trampled with overconfident women fighting against the system and struggling for their so called “rights” but at the same time demeaning their own selves by dressing like cheap, loose women; and selfish men who are the opposite of what they should be as well. Instead of being responsible and respectful are leaving behind the footsteps of their fathers and forefathers and going into a world where they have to stand equally or inferior to women. A world where both men and women have the same jobs. Where roles are shifted or shared. Where values and traditions no longer matter. This is the world we are seeing. Our culture? It’s merely become just a joke.

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