October 2017

Yuvvraaj: Movie Review
[Bollywood-November 2008]

Not surprisingly, Yuvvraaj was a flop and dissappointment at the box office. The movie is made by Subhash Ghai so that right away tells you a little of what to expect. However, just because you enjoyed Pardes and Yaadein definitely does not mean you will take a liking to this film. In fact, it can not even compare. About halfway through the film, it is reasonable to conclude that it is no good. That it is just a waste of time. Just as the film gets better and you’ve started enjoying it, it ends quite abrubtly and the quick and sudden ending of the movie ruins the entire film.

So what is the movie about? Basically, it is the story of three brothers: Salman Khan, Anil Kapoor, and Zayed Khan. Just like other Subhash Ghai films it is a musical. Deven (Salman Khan) is in love with Anushka (Katrina Kaif) but her father is against the marriage and she of course will not marry him until her father approves. Her father, however, wants her to marry someone who is wealthy. Deven is the second son of a billionaire but his father has kicked him out of the house with nothing to his name. Deven’s luck changes when his father dies. For him this is good news because his inheritance will make him rich and he can marry Anushka. To Deven and his younger brother Danny’s (Zayed Khan) dismay, their father leaves everything to Gyanesh (Anil Kapoor), their older brother, leaving them to nothing.

Music illuminates throughout the entire movie lead by Katrina Kaif playing the cello and with violins and singing in the background. The music, however, is really not as good as you would expect!

Will Danny and Deven succeed in usurping their father’s wealth and inheritance from Gyanesh? Or, will their greed for money actually lead to a tragedy? Watch the movie to find out if wealth wins over family ties.

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  1. kanika Says:

    Guys i had a real good time watching Yuvvraaj. Anil was superb as usual, Salman as usual lived up to the expectations, Katrina Kaif playing the cello looks awesome n not to forget the beautiful foreign locales and the grand sets

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