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Anarkalis Make an Amazing Comeback!
[Fashion & Beauty-September 2008]

Anarkalis, also known as the empire-waist, are the latest trend in Indian fashion today. After a long wait, they have made an incredible come back within the last year. Anarkalis are nothing new and have been around since the Mughal times. Recently, with the release of Umrao Jaan, last year, and Jodha Akbar earlier in the year, Mughal clothes and jewelry have taken over. Anarkalis are named after Anarkali, the star of Mughal-e-Azam. If you don’t already have one, then stop waiting because this season an Anarkali is a must-have for every wardrobe. Apart from other outfits, Anarkalis are perfect for almost anyone because they flatter every figure. They accentuate at the top and cover up any flaws in the waist and hips making them dissappear. Be sure to try any of the ravishing designs. Traditionally, the kurta is mid-calf length and worn with a churidar. The sleeves are long and the wide dupatta covers the head.

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9 Responses to “Anarkalis Make an Amazing Comeback!”

  1. Nisha Says:

    I love that outfit bipasha basu is can i order it and asap? please email me so i could as soon as possible thank you

  2. Parveen Says:

    where can i order these dresses from? pls let me know. Thanks

  3. madhavi Says:

    How much is the rust anarkali 15th pic pl can u email me the price and how to buy?

  4. Ksd Says:

    I am interested in the peach anarkali suit (pic right at the bottom). How and where can i get this ? Thanks..

  5. MAVS Says:

    Hi there, I would like to order the Red Anarkali suit. How can i get it? Is it possible to order online?

  6. MAVS Says:

    Hi i want to order the red anarkali suit, where and how can i get it. Thanx

  7. Shahela Says:

    where can i get the first pink anarkali, the very first picture. i’ve seen the website before but i have never been able to find it since

  8. SundariS Says:

    Where can we order these suits from? I would like to order the white one. How much would it cost?

  9. SundariS Says:

    And the beige one (12th), next to white.

    Interesting there are as many favourites as people…each one likes a different suit.

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