October 2017

Choli Styles
[Fashion & Beauty-April 2009]

The choli, whether paired with your favorite sari or on its own, can be as simple or elaborate as you please. When traditional cholis come to mind we think of short length cholis with short sleeves and its variations. Cholis vary from place to place and especially between different people and tastes. Whether short or long, simple or exquisite, cholis are as vast and varied. Especially, today when there are so many styles to choose from it can become overwhelming. Take a look at our choli guide filled with many interesting designs both old and new, traditional and modern, classic and contemporary. Whether spaghetti strap or sleeveless, backless or knot, long or short, conservative or not there is a choli out there for you.

[photo credits: cbazaar.com, homeindia.com, satyapaul.com, khaasboutique.com, neetalulla.com, sareeworld.com, artkarat.com]

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