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Contemporary Lenghas
[Fashion & Beauty-May 2009]

There are many different types of lenghas and their variations. Although lengha is the general term used there are many other uses referring to the same of similar outfits. While some may call it lengha or ghagra others prefer the more elegant shararas. Although the latter term is rarely used now since it basically just means a full flared lengha which is not that big of a difference except in the size of the skirt. Others wear chaniya cholis. The word you use to describe the lengha varies from language to region.

These days there are many choices when it comes to lenghas. Though there are several types, I like to differentiate between two main categories. There are traditional lenghas. These are the ones that usually come to most people’s minds. They’re embellished lavishly and very elaborate. They come in pure fabric and popular colors. We tend to see a lot of stonework on these. They may even be simple or of bandhani.

Then there are contemporary lenghas. They are modern and sophisticated. Many contemporary lenghas look like western wear such as evening gowns or a ball gown. They tend to come in less exotic but unusual colors. Instead of traditional embroidery newer techniques, fabrics, and embellishments are chosen. Contemporary lenghas closely resemble their western counterparts. They may even be called fusion wear.

Another interesting feature of contemporary lenghas is their style and cut. We see a lot of halter neck tops instead of the traditional cholis. Unusual fabrics are often used. The colors are untraditional as well.

The contemporary lengha is perfect for the modern woman. It is ideal for the most daring. It can even be worn as western wear and ties more into a modern atmosphere. So, in that case, it’s not exactly the best choice for a wedding. Unless, of course, the wedding itself lends that type of theme.

Now is a good time to try out the contemporary lengha. It’s fun and interesting. There are so many to choose from. It’s very trendy with an Indian touch.

Contemporary lenghas are not for everyone. Definitely a bit too trendy for a bride as well. However, they’re great for formal parties and add a bit of glamorous appeal. If your style is more western than traditional then this may be the right choice for you.

[photo credits: rair.in, homeindia.com]

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  1. Shehnaz Says:

    Hi there - I wanted to know which designer designed the lenghas you’ve featured above. If you can provide this information or maybe what stores I can find them in, I’d really appreciate it/

  2. admin Says:

    I’m sorry. These are no longer available but let me know if you are interested in any other designs. Thanks! ~Arzoo

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