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Fall Fashion Update!!
[Fashion & Beauty-August 2008]

As Summer approaches its end and Autumn nears to fall into place, comes the right time to update your wardrobe. There is nothing more rich and exciting than Fall fashion.

It’s almost time to put those brights and pastels away and renew your closet with richer hues such as maroons and burgundies, deep purples, sage green, and rust orange. As you set out to revise your wardrobe be sure to try some of these exciting new trends:

Ombre (meaning “to shade”): a dip-dye effect giving fabrics a graduated color from light to dark.

Rusts and oranges are always the most perfect shades for Fall and ruffles and embellishments always add the right touch of glamor and elegance. Nothing says Fall more than Orange!

Red is always in season but especially in Fall when it can be expanded into darker, richer, and more elegant shades like maroon and burgungy or even magenta. Any form of red is a must-have for this season!

Don’t forget about purple this year. Change over from lilacs and lavenders to deeper tones like plums, grape, and eggplant. Intense shades of purple look great when paired with the right makeup and accessories.

Last, but not least, there is one more Fall favorite almost everyone loves…Green! Green this season varies in it’s most popular shades such as sage, emerald, dark lime, loden, and especially mehndi green.

[photo credits: homeindia.com, cbazaar.com, utsavsarees.com, onlinesarees.com]

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9 Responses to “Fall Fashion Update!!”

  1. americandesi Says:

    I LOVE the pictures! Great job! I’m glad you mentioned the links on where to find all these beautiful clothes :)

  2. Faizan Says:

    i like the pic from lehenga 20 of 25 can u pls mail me the price of that lehenga

  3. sarah Says:

    wow these clothes are amazing. i love one of the saree. how can i find the quoate to buy it. the 6 of 24. Also the churidar wich is 5 of 5 plaese send me the quaot

  4. admin Says:

    I’m sorry I don’t understand which ones you are referring to?

  5. sarah Says:

    i want the quote of image 6 of 24,which is a saree and the quote of the churidar which is image 5 of 5 can u email me the prices plz

  6. leeno Says:

    hey can u email me the price of image 20 of 25 pliz

  7. sanjleen Says:

    wats the price of the lehanga in image 20 of 25

  8. admin Says:

    Sorry the outfits on this page are from two years ago and they are all sold out. Please see some of our other pages. Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.

  9. sesline Says:

    hey can you email me the price of image 4of5 please

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