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Jazzy Bindis
[Fashion & Beauty-April 2009]

The bindi, significant in Indian culture, although traditionally religious and meaningful has now become a fashion symbol as well. Originally, coming from a red dot in the center of the forehead of a married woman, bindis are now “jazzy.” Modern day bindis are cute and intricate little stickers in every shaze, shape, color and design.

Bridal bindis, more elaborate and ornate, consist of several pieces. A center “dot” and many tiny little dots that are placed above each eyebrow. This combination is only worn by brides on their wedding day and symbolizes purity and virginity.

Traditionally, bridal bindis were painted on. Now they’re stickers just like most other bindis.

Modern day sticker bindis are quite versatile. They can be used in combination with mehndi or as nail art.

Jazz up any ordinary look with colorful bindis. Adorn not just your forehead but your hands and arms with these little stickers as well.

Even bridal bindis come in different styles. The traditional style with the center bindi and several small dots and then there are more contemporary bridal bindis like the one shown above.

Jazzy Bindi is an award winning family run business in London specializing in designer Swarovski crystal bindis.

[photo credits: jazzybindi.com]

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