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Lengha Style Drapes
[Fashion & Beauty-April 2009]

Lenghas, Chaniya Cholis, Ghagras, Ghararas, Shararas, or whatever else you choose to don…they come with long and wide dupattas, chunris, odhnis…or whatever you choose to call them…and they’re not only elegant and beautiful but can be created into several different looks with the use of the dupatta. Take your lengha to the next level. Try some of these great ways to drape your dupatta when paired with your favorite lengha and you’ll be sure to look ravishing! For example, a light dupatta can drape across in a simple manner to make the lengha itself outshine.

Draped right over the head the bridal look is complete with this classic drape.

Drape it across one shoulder, similar to a sari.

Drape it in the front with the ends hanging in the back.

Or let the ends drape towards the front.

Two is better than one! Can’t decide on whether you want your dupatta on your head or shoulder? Perhaps, you like both…this is perfect as long as the dupattas set off well against one another.

This may not be creative but it’s different.

Pallus draped in the front are Gujarati. Usually, with a chaniya choli the other end is tucked into the waist but here it’s free flowing. Maybe not practical but definitely daring.

The lengha turns sari.

Traditionally, lenghas are draped in a style reminiscent of saris. This adds to their elegance.

Around the neck is contemporary and will make you look modern.

There are endless possibilities.

The traditional look: one end in the front, coming over the right shoulder…the other tucked into the left side.

Traditional is always a classic.

Here’s an Arzoo favorite. It’s so simple yet elegant and perfect if you have short sleeves and arms you want to cover up.

Once again two outdoes just one!

Be creative when draping your dupatta.

The results are phenomenal.

[photo credits: divasa.in, cbazaar.com, homeindia.com, sagarexclusive.com]

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