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Makeup Do’s and Don’ts
[Fashion & Beauty-September 2008]

Let’s face it, most of us are not makeup artists! Therefore, sometimes doing your makeup can become difficult, especially if it’s for a special event. Whether you want to look natural or glamorous there are some points you should keep in mind. Read on to find out what you should do and most important of all what you should avoid!


  • wear a concealer to cover up your flaws and blemishes
  • use a lipliner
  • wear a foundation
  • always carry a pressed powder with you for touch ups
  • wear mineral makeup if you want a natural look
  • invest in a set of brushes
  • wear mascara to make your eyes look bigger
  • wear kajal to outline your eyes
  • wear mehndi
  • match your makeup with your clothes
  • use a primer
  • wear long lasting lipstick


  • wear a concealer that is too light or it defeats the purpose
  • try to make your lips look bigger or smaller because when you eat your face will be a disaster!
  • wear a foundation that is too light or your skin will look grayish
  • use a loose powder on the go to avoid spills on your clothes
  • apply mineral makeup without the right brushes
  • buy brushes that are cheap
  • wear fake eye lashes if your lashes are already long enough
  • use kajal if you wear contacts; opt for eyeliner instead!
  • wear black mehndi because it’s not natural and the chemicals in it cause cancer!
  • wear colors that won’t suit your skin
  • wear makeup on unclean skin
  • wear a lipstick shade too dark if you have fuller lips

[photo credit: marlenekurland.com]

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