November 2017

Rair is Rare
[Fashion & Beauty-July 2009]

Rair is a truly rare collection that can be found online at,, or Rair saris and lenghas are different and unique. They are unlike anything you’ve ever seen. The Spring/Summer 2009 Collection is very interesting. Check out some of these exciting and unusual styles.

Puffy sleeves and a short pallu make this sari and eye catcher!

The butterfly pallu is brought back

Here is a butterfly pallu lengha sari you won’t find anywhere else:

The pleats on this sari are pre-done; it is a unique type of lengha-sari:

Long sleeves look great with saris:

Never before seen quite unusual and unique sari blouse you don’t want to be without!

Another unusual blouse:

Flared Butterfly Pallu:

Here is a kalidar lengha sari with a short pallu in an intriguing purple and gold combo:

Another kalidar lengha sari but his time with unusual sleeves!

Once again, another kalidar lengha sari! Now paired with a butterfly pallu!

The lengha sari reigns in this collection while new and unique blouse styles shine through. In addition, the butterfly pallu makes a short comeback that is sure to turn heads! These are some of the best picks from the collection. To see the rest of it, visit the website.

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