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What to Wear on Diwali
[Fashion & Beauty-October 2008]

With Diwali just a few weeks away now is the right time to get that perfect outfit if you haven’t already done so! This year, Diwali falls on October 28. If you can’t decide what to wear or just don’t know what’s in style at the moment, rest assured because we are here to help! Our ultimate what to wear on Diwali guide is here and we’re sure that you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for!To start off with, you have several choices. There are gorgeous saris out there too choose from. Embellished with interesting adornments and draped in over a hundred ways, the sari is an everlasting style no Indian woman should be without. If you prefer the easiness of wearing a lengha, however, over the sari don’t let this stop you from draping yourself in six yards of extravagant fabric because the lengha sari has officially arrived! This is a must have for the season. The lengha sari is worn just like any other sari but does not require pleating. Instead, the front where there are usually pleats is made to look like a lengha. In addition, you can go for a graceful lengha choli/chaniya choli instead in one of today’s ravishing designs. Last, but never least, let us remind you not to forget the Anarkali. It’s pouring over shelves and racks right now more than ever. Visit the Little India in your city and find out for yourself. They tend to be a little pricey but they’re worth every penny. You’ll be sure to turn heads in this latest design reminiscing the bygone Mughal era.

The Lengha-Sari is a MUST have for this season!!:

You’ll look dazzling in these ravishing saris from CBazaar:

HomeIndia’s RaiR Collection Lenghas are sure to dazzle!:

Thousands of years later, the Anarkali is still popular:

From simple to lavish, Anarkalis are always elegant and graceful:

Vintage designs, popular these days, go very well with the traditional and classic Anarkali:

Small changes, such as in the dupatta, can take a simple salwar kameez to a new level:

Enjoy shopping this season with all the rich colors and designs. Be sure to try something new. Happy Diwali!

[photo credits: homeindia.com, cbazaar.com]

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