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What’s In: in Salwars
[Fashion & Beauty-November 2008]

Of course, there are many variations to the salwar kameez. There’s the churidar kurta and of course the infamous Anarkali which is basically a variation of it. Salwar kameez is an everlasting style that will never go out of fashion. It’s not very elegant but it is awfully comfortable and many women prefer it over other clothes. Even churidars go in and out of style and Anarkalis will see their last day too eventually but salwars, the classic baggy pants, will always be around. Just because they’re simple doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Check out the season’s latest salwar kameez styles and designs. Pair it with interesting fabrics and patterns and you have yourself a whole new look!

The latest styles are taking the salwar kameez to a new level. It’s difficult to find a very fancy salwar kameez suitable for very special occasions and capable of competing with saris. An occasion, such as a wedding, may be filled with women in salwar kameez but their embroidery is not often up to standards. Here we focus on every day styles, however, and show you some of the new innovations available to you. An interesting dupatta, an attractive color, and other fashionable little fringes will make sure you stick out in the crowd.

THE RED ANARKALI: One piece you don’t want to be without.

OMBRE: It isn’t just for your saris; the salwar kameez gets a shaded design too.

EYE CATCHING WHITE: A simple white goes a long way with just the right touches.

ETHNIC CREAM: A variation of the anarkali, paired with buttons and just a touch of bronze.

ETHNIC BEIGE: Simple, every day elegance comes your way in this traditional patiala salwar.

ATTRACTIVE BLUE: This simple blue kurta gets promoted with the bright, vibrant, and ruffled dupatta.

CLASSIC CREAM: Sewn differently, changes up the entire outfit.

GORGEOUS GRAY: Not so boring in slate.

ATTRACTIVE DUPATTA: will enhance any outfit.

STYLISH CHANGE: Turn over your usual look into something new and exciting.

PINK PASSION: Let the color of your kurta bring out your own color.

SENSUOUS WHITE: This simple white goes a long way with the flattering design on the churidar.

WHAT IS THIS? It’s the new look for a very daring lady!

FLATTERING CRINKLED: Crinkles enhance the Anarkali.

DON’T DO THIS: This is a fashion “no no.” Never pair your anarkali with a salwar! It is meant for churidars and best when kept that way. You want to look stylish, not unfamiliar!

MARVELLOUS MAROON: The color is everlasting.

VINTAGE GREEN: Brings out the princess in you!

ATTRACTIVE GREEN: Simple and astonishing.

GORGEOUS IN BLACK: The paisley print takes black to a new level. Just don’t wear it to a wedding!

ETHNIC TOUCH: Rich brocades create regal looks.

CREAMY ELEGANCE: Look elegant in cream by adding a touch of gold and traditional touches.

EMPIRE WAIST: Not just limited to Anarkalis!

BURGUNDY: Is elegant when paired with silk.

FLATTERING RED HOODIE: Sure, the red is flattering but the hoodie like dupatta is sure to make heads turn!

Remember, that salwar kameez will always remain simple and can never match the elegance and grace of saris and lenghas but don’t leave them behind with boring long kurtas and ugly, baggy salwars. A little change goes a long way. There are many twists in the world of salwar kameez’s this season. So, be daring and try something new and appealing for a positive change!

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