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Year End Styles
[Fashion & Beauty-December 2008]

The year is almost over! What better way to end the year then in style. Now is the perfect time to stock up on the latest trends that will not only get you through the rest of this year but carryover into the next. With the new year comes new beginnings, styles, and fashionable trends. The weather is cooler and and the styles are hotter than ever! So if you haven’t tried some of the popular and latest designs then now is the time. In fact, it’s all about the sari right now! Saris are raging all over the world these days. Some decades ago, many Indian women abandoned the traditional six yards for the more “comfortable” salwar kameez. It seems the younger generation is breaking that custom and leaving behind their ordinary salwar kameez for more elegant and sophisticated saris. Saris, once left behind, are back and better than ever. They never did leave or go out of style, the merely got pushed back but not anymore. Women are learning to experiment with their sari drapes, choli styles, and the endless different types of saris that are generally available today. The latest and greatest trend yet is the lengha sari! It has become very popular within the last couple of months and what better way to end the year or start the new year than with the season’s most popular and beautiful trend. So, if you don’t already have one be sure to add the lengha sari to your wardrobe. Check out some of the great styles we’ve compiled and be sure to add some of these favorites to your closet.

Winter is here and it’s also time for rich brocades and luxurious velvets. Red is the color with maroons and burgundies teamed up with earthy greens and rich purples in luxurious and warm eggplant and sharp but smooth grapes. Don’t forget about pure winter whites embellished with silver embroidery to complement the season. Opt in for rich, dark, and extravagant colors and fabrics. Dare to splurge this season!

Remember, these “year end styles” will not only finish off this year but be great for the next. So, welcome 2009 with nothing less than the absolute best. Check out HomeIndia’s 2009 Collection and see what the Arzoo fashion experts have chosen for you!


The lengha/ghagra sari is a lengha from the front but with an attached pallu. No pleats required. Get the look and easiness of wearing a lengha but with the gracefullness of a sari. Love that pallu over your shoulder but too lazy to make pleats? This is the perfect match for you. If you love exciting trends and were one of the butterfly pallu sari wearers you’ll be sure to appreciate this amazing creation! Whatever your style be sure to try this hot new trend while it lasts.


The classic sari goes a long way. Try a new choli style. Experiment with drapes, colors, and fabrics. Remember, your sari should suit your style. The embroidery on a sari says a lot about the wearer. Don’t settle for anything less than the best. There is a sari out there for everyone and especially for you!


Regal and often associated with bridal wear; lenghas, ghagras, chaniya cholis, and shararas are hotter than ever. Try something trendy and exciting, if you dare or settle for a classic look with a slight modern touch. Traditional colors blend with new styles. Remember, lenghas are not just for brides!

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