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Aarti Party First Episode Review
[Food-August 2010]

I watched the first episode of Aarti Party today. In two words I would describe the show as “British Indian.” British Indian food is not authentic Indian food but rather a Westernized version of it. When Aarti mentions chicken tikka masala those were the first two words that came to my mind. The British are also responsible for “curry powder,” a spice blend created by them so they could easily cook “Indian dishes.”

I wouldn’t mind trying the Sloppy Bombay Joes. I think beef works much better than turkey though. The Massaged Kale Salad is in no way Indian to me. It doesn’t even come close. When Aarti makes Creamy Pistachio Pops she compares them to kulfi. I would follow the recipe by omitting the non-authentic and British Early Grey and making an authentic kulfi.

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17 Responses to “Aarti Party First Episode Review”

  1. Wanda Scarpinato Says:

    I don’t know what the judges of this season were thinking to allow this unable to cook, unable to make herself liked person the supposedly \Next Food Network Star\ - she ain’t! In one single episode, she failed to cook both potatoes and rice correctly. She should have been kicked off that night. Any chef that can’t cook these two staples properly doesn’t deserve a show telling me how to cook. As for sloppy joes with a crunch — why? They are supposed to be soft and sloppy, hence the name. Keep your show, Cooking Channel, I won’t be watching this pretentious nothing. Perhaps we need some new judges on this show, or even perhaps this show should be cancelled. I certainly hope they haven’t filmed a lot of Aarti Party ’cause it would be a big waste of film.

  2. Dan Says:

    I find Aarti to be charming and knowledgeable. I found the show very easy to watch, and I learned new things from her, which is the whole point. Her show is not supposed to be authentic Indian cooking, it’s supposed to be fusing Indian flavors and techniques with a American dishes. She was successful on every level.

  3. Chuck Says:

    Aarti Party needs to be cancelled. I can’t even stand the sound of the name of the show or her voice. Food Network judges got this one wrong. Just like last year. I agree new judges are needed.

  4. susan Says:

    I think she is very sweet and adorable. You should give her a chance. I liked many of her ideas. I bet she is well-received and will prove all the negatives wrong. She is nervous. Give her a chance. I like the recipe with cardamom, ginger and orange butter under the chicken skin.Indian foods are very popular right now.

  5. Shayna Says:

    Aarti is wonderful. She doesn’t advertise her show as “authentic Indian”. It’s just adding a touch of those flavors to everyday meals. I think her first episode was fantastic. She is very knowledgeable and personable. She deserved to win the show.

  6. Kay Says:

    I think both Wanda and Chuck need to calm down. This show is about synthesizing Indian flavors into easy, accessible cooking. It’s in no way trying to be something else–I find Aarti very likeable and down-to-earth. She adds pistachios to the sloppy joes because she prefers a little crunch, and if you don’t want it, don’t add them! I don’t think her show should be cancelled; the judges made the right choice in picking her. She’s talented and really adorable!

  7. Jenny Says:

    I have to agree with Wanda and Chuck. There’s something about her that I just don’t like. The voice is a bit annoying and I found myself muting my TV while she spoke on NFNS. I was very disappointed when they revealed she had won the show. My husband and I agree that watching this show would be a waste of our time.

  8. Rama Says:

    I fully agree with you Kay. Why is that people have to be so hateful and negative. I love Aarti’s show. It brings a new flare to my kitchen and new food to explore and the chicken I cooked the other night from her show was excellent. Step out of your box America cook beyond your salt and pepper spiced dishes and give a smile sometimes it may help you do something so brave like follow your dreams.

  9. Fatema Says:

    I watched the second episode today & I agree that it’s definitely not authentic Indian but I also agree that the show isn’t meant to be Indian. It’s supposed to be a fusion that makes Indian spices & ingredients palatable & approachable to a Western audience. The daal today could pass as an Indian but the sausage dish definitely isn’t & she made sure to point that out. The British accent & girly giggles are definitely something I need to get used to. I didn’t find the show to be wow but I would probably give her another shot before writing it off.

  10. OMR Says:

    The negative reviews talk mostly about her accent and review her food based on ethnicity. These rants are just code for racism, pure and simple. Obviously, her food isn’t for everyone. However, the bulk of food network shows are southern-fried oil laden crap. Rachel Ray is perhaps the worst of the cooks on there, but her personality keeps her popular. Most of the people on Food Network are not chefs, they are cooks. Food Network needed to bring some more ethnic flavors onto the network.

    Those who do not like Indian-inspired flavors don’t need to watch. As for the nonsense about cooking techniques…the next time you are under the clock to cook for several dozen people while on camera and you don’t screw anything up…talk to me then.

  11. Leslie Says:

    Aarti was not my first choice to win either. I didn’t like last season’s winner, nor the season before. I have watched a few of Melissa D’Arabian’s shows and one of the Big Daddy shows and didn’t care for them, so stopped watching. But I do like Aarti and I love her accent. I don’t know anything about Indian cooking, but I like the fact that she is introducing me to spices and other ingredients that I don’t usually use. I’m going to try her quinoa pilaf recipe this week. I noticed that her show is not listed in my guide for the next two Sundays. I hope FN didn’t cancel her already!

  12. Sabrina Says:

    aarti party is the worst show ever. who wants a sloppy joe with a crunch? i think she should be cancelled. food network wasted there money on aarti. waste of time, money, and film. the other two finalist would of done a lot better and would be a popular show.

  13. JJ Says:

    Never fails or seems to amaze me when someone makes some criticism that they do not like a specific thing, someone has to pull the old race card out and start accusing of hate, race, discrim., etc. creating a whole new line of subject.(OMR’s post) Get a new excuse to run on OMR, that one is far too used up. The fact of the matter is the people who said she is terrible on this show are right. Wether you like her or not, she couldnt even do dialogue/commentating when Alton had her in the mock kitchen stadium, she crewed up potatoes, and rice, for the love of God…Rice?, her personality is one of the most phoney I have ever witnessed on TV, her cooking styles and ideas are offbase and I wouldnt waste antoher mintue watching this show. There were better finalists on that program than this gal. I agree that there needs to be better judges on that show, if they do it again. Take it as you would but when Aarti Party comes on im tuning in elsewhere.

  14. Sam Says:

    Agree with OMR. JJ says, Aarty’s personality is the worse he has ever seen on TV. LOL. Well, that says it all. Given that TV is dominated with nothing but phoniness and high pitched squealing voices and folks void of personality and he calls Arrty the worse. LOL. JJ just told us of his ability to assess things properly/accurately. His bias is beyond reproach, if he thinks Aarty is the worse. LOL.


  15. Michael Says:

    Aarti rocks! Anyone who can’t stand her is silly.

  16. calle Says:

    i thinks she┬┤s awesome!

  17. Sandy Says:

    Aarti Party is a winner, especially for those on special diets who need new flavorings and variety in their diets. Keep her program coming

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