October 2017

Chutney in a Hurry!
[Food-August 2008]

Imagine this…you just made some dhokla for your guests or family and at the last minute you realize you don’t have any chutney to serve it with. You could just run to your local store and pick up some but you probably don’t have enough time as your guests are just about to arrive! Here’s a really quick and delicious chutney you can whip up in no time:

3 tbsp. red mirchi

1 tsp. dhana/dhania (coriander powder)

salt, to taste

corn oil

Combine the mirchi and dhana together. Slowly pour in enough oil to make a paste that is not too thick. It should almost be the same consistency as a batter. Add salt to taste and serve immediately!

[photo credit: juicefeasting.com]

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