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Poppadom Preach Book Review
[Lifestyle-May 2011]

If you’re looking for a book that you can’t put down then keep reading! Poppadom Preach, by Almas Khan, is a funny, entertaining, and very original novel. It’s a fun and easy read and can be finished in a weekend, leaving you wanting more.

The story focuses around a young girl of Pakistani origin named Dilly. It takes you through her early childhood till late teens as she is growing up in an extended family in Bradford with her four siblings, parents, and various interesting characters that include her relatives and neighbors. Poppadom Preach is a refreshing change from your typical immigrant story. On several occasions it makes you laugh as the characters are pure comedy.

Dilly is quite the character. She is a rebellious child who constantly misbehaves and gets into trouble. Her parents constantly complain that she has bad manners and fails to be a good Muslim and decent “Pakistani” girl. However, Dilly is British and as most children born to immigrant parents feels a little torn between her two worlds. She struggles to find her own right path and set herself apart as an individual.

Poppadom Preach is intended towards an adult audience due to some of the language used by the characters and their behaviors. Set in the 1970s, in a mostly Muslim neighborhood, it addresses many important issues such as racism, life in an extended family, and the burqa. Some of the major themes addressed in this book are domestic violence and abuse, immigrant life, and racism and bullying. It does a great job in portraying the way some of these issues persist throughout every day life for many and how difficult it can be to escape from them. All in all, the story is a great laugh and very amusing, yet pleasantly enjoyable.

It would be really nice to see Poppadom Preach turned into a film. It would make a great comedy that could be enjoyed by a wide array of audiences. As the book ends it leaves you hoping that the story of Dilly and her comical friends and family will continue another time!

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