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Recycling Saris and Basmati Bags!
[Lifestyle-January 2009]

Look around your home and whether you are Indian or not it’s highly likely that your home has some or something Indian in it! Whether it’s basmati rice, a made in India tunic, or even a pillow; India is everywhere these days. Indian influence has taken over the West. Sometimes a bit disappointing because the Indian items sold in the West cost many many times more here than they actually do in India! It’s quite ridiculous in prices but interesting to observe.  A visit to the CB2 website is full of some of these examples. Just take a look around and you’ll know what we mean!

SARI RUGS AND RUNNERS: They’re described as “Bollywood Reruns” and they’re made of sari remnants. The woven silk is of recycled saris. Both the rug and runner range from an incredible $119-$229!!

This AGRA SILK THROW is described as great over the sofa or your shoulder! It’s handwoven in India of pure, raw silk. Own one for yourself for $89.95!

What’s more Indian than elephants. Bring elephants into your room with this ELEPHANTS PILLOW consisting of three multi-patterned elephants on white cotton. They all come together for $24.95!

The path to pillows is endless. Ever thought of reusing your basmati rice bag? Probably not, right? Well, you should have because CB2 is selling theirs for $19.95. The INDIA GATE RICE BAG PILLOW is made from an original rice bag. It also flips to orange velvet.

Yes, it’s actually made of an original rice bag! The NUR JAHAN RICE BAG PILLOW, similar to it’s India Gate counterpart is also made of an actual rice bag and flips to blue cotton velvet! On sale for $19.95 it complements well with contemporary settings.

Henna for your hands? Not anymore! These HENNA PILLOWS are now on sale from $19.95 to $24.95 and are perfect for bedrooms and sofas!

Dine in Darjeeling with this DARJEELING DINING TABLE. Rare saal wood has been reclaimed from old Indian railroad ties and restored for a dining surface. The unfinished wood top makes it perfectly contemporary and can be yours for $899; chairs NOT included!!

Wait! We’re not done yet! What else is India famous for? Particularly Gujarat and Rajasthan? It’s bandhini of course. Well, what we call bandhini at least, but they refer to as tie dye. These two pillows are handmade using the Indian technique. Own one for $26.95 or in my opinion, make your own…it’s easy and ALOT cheaper!! Available in pink and orange…TIE DYE PILLOWS.

The grey LEVEL RUG or the tri-colored MERIDIAN RUG are both made of 100% Indian Bikaner wool. The level rug ranges from $249-$299.

The meridian rug is rather pricey at an enormous $449!

Last, but not the least exciting, is this CHOWPATTY PRINT that depicts a Mumbai morning. Artist Parvez Taj’s glimpse of an Indian boy on his way to school is stretched onto unframed canvas, hand-signed by the artist, and currently on sale for a not so bad $49.95; the regular price being $179! Not a bad deal.

[source and photo credits: cb2.com]

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