November 2017

Video: Book Review
[Lifestyle-January 2009]

Video is a collection of stories by Meera Nair. There are ten short stories in the compilation and the first story is called “Video.”The other nine stories are: “The Lodger in Room 726, The Sculptor of Sands, Sixteen Days in December, Summer, A Warm Welcome to the President, Insh’Allah!, The Curry Leaf Tree, My Grandfather Dreams of Fences, A Certain Sesnse of Place, and Vishnukumar’s Valentine’s Day.” The book is not very interesting. Some of the stories are vulgar while others are not. The ten stories read like parables. Nair depicts contemporary Indian life with precision and humor. Video is a good choice for a quick read.

Nair was born and raised in India. In 1997, she came to the United States to study creative writing.  She received an M.A. from Temple University and an M.F.A. from New York University, where she was a New York Times fellow. Her stories have been published in The Threepenny Review and Calyx. Nair lives in Brooklyn with her husband and daughter.

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