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So What is Arzoo Mag?

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

Some people still fail to understand what Arzoo Mag is. Please also refer to the previous blog so you know what we’re not. Arzoo Mag is an online magazine. We publish articles on South Asian culture, fashion, weddings, bollywood, food, and more.

What can you do at ArzooMag.com? You can read articles and comment on them and enjoy browsing through some of our picture galleries. No you may not steal our articles and pictures. Using without permission is stealing.

What else can’t you do? You can’t order clothes and jewelry from us as mentioned previously. Arzoo Mag is very similar to any magazine you may pick up at a stand. One difference…we don’t have a print edition at this time. Please enjoy the free online version and happy reading :)

Buy From Arzoo Mag

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

Just to make things clear to our readers Arzoo Mag is an online magazine. We are not a catalog. We do not sell clothes or jewelry. The pictures of clothes and jewelry on our website are for viewing purposes only and you may not use them without our permission. We also do not sell any of those items.

Yes, at one point we decided to venture into selling some clothes from our website. However, we no longer do this. Due to high demand and several requests from our readers we agreed to sell saris and outfits on our site. Please note that we no longer do so. Please do not contact us by email or leave comments asking us the price of an outfit and how you can order it. We do NOT sell clothes. Thanks and sorry for any misunderstanding you may have had.


Sunday, February 7th, 2010

JUST LAUNCHED!! Arzoo’s latest collection of designer style saris are unique and alluring! You will surely fall in love with this collection. Email us at info@arzoomag.com for pricing and more details on purchasing!! (more…)


Sunday, February 7th, 2010

Due to very POPULAR demand Arzoo Magazine has now OFFICIALLY launched the ARZOO STORE!!

If you see anything on our website that you like and would like to own a piece just email us at info@arzoomag.com

In addition we will be posting additional galleries of clothes such as saris, salwars, churidars, lenghas, and MORE! If you are interested in purchasing something that we add hurry and order soon because stock is limited and due to high demand runs out quickly!

We hope you enjoy our fashionable collections and THANK YOU for shopping at ArzooMag.com

EVERYTHING on this page is ALSO for SALE. Email us if you’re interested!! HAPPY SHOPPING!!