December 2017

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Long Sleeves

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

There once was a time when it was nearly impossible to find anything ready-made in long sleeves. I remember those days. Whether you prefer full-sleeved clothing for personal or religious reasons the great thing is that long sleeves are in style. I love full-sleeves no matter what type of outfit it is. Long sleeved sari blouses look especially great and are very stylish unlike common misconceptions that state blouses can only be short and skimpy!

Long Sleeved Lenghas

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

It’s so hard to find long sleeved lenghas! That says everything there is to say on the topic. If you get lucky you’ll come across one every now and then but then you may not even like it. Long sleeved sari blouses are in style right now but lenghas are leaning to the traditional. Perhaps if there were more of a demand for them they would be more widely available. I remember buying a lengha few years back and it came with a blouse piece so I could have my choli customized to my taste. However, the piece still wasn’t large enough for long sleeves so that was limiting. How often do you really wear a lengha anyway? There aren’t really simple ones out there. They are mostly for bridal or wedding wear. Perhaps if the lengha was popular as an every day dress then it would be available in more sleeve lengths and styles. What do you think?