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Creating Centerpieces
[Wedding-October 2008]

Table centerpieces can be as simple or as lavish as you choose. Some wedding venues even provide their own centerpieces, included in the price of renting the venue. These centerpieces tend to be simple, such as a hurricane lamp or candle. If your venue provides this service, you may choose to take advantage of the complimentary centerpieces as it will save you a great deal of money. However, if you’re planning to splurge and want something very extravagant then bear in mind the cost, especially if it’s a flower centerpiece. In this case, the florist you hire for your wedding will be able to provide you with many samples and ideas. You don’t, however, have to limit yourself to floral pieces. Even though flowers and candles are popular centerpieces, they can look very appealing if paired together in an elegant manner. A traditional flower arrangement adds a very classic touch. Candles set the mood of the atmosphere and are very popular. Here are some innovative ideas that will help generate your thoughts. Remember, to be creative and let the centerpiece reflect your personality and  and set the mood for your wedding.

Candles are a warm centerpiece that fit into most weddings.

Paired with flower petals candles look very elegant.

Floating candles have become very popular lately. They look traditional and set the entire atmosphere.

Floating candles pair well with flower petals. The type of bowl you choose will set the atmosphere.

Dried flowers and bushes are great winter centerpieces that create a trendy look.

Flowers are always popular centerpieces.

Roses, orchids, lilies, tulips, and gerberas paired with ferns and ribbons provide a soft and delicate aura to the surroundings.

The type of vase is as important as what goes in it.

Remember that wedding planning is a once in a lifetime experience that should be fun and rewarding. Be creative but have fun. Many weddings take quite some time to conclude because of the many ceremonies. Wedding centerpieces can become an important part of the wedding ambiance and if selected properly will add to its theme.

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