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Doing Your Own Makeup
[Wedding-September 2008]

Sure you’ve booked the best makeup artist you could find and afford for your Big Day but what about the other events…mehndi, sangeet, reception, engagement, etc. Most brides won’t be able to book a beautician for every single event that takes place leading up to and after the wedding so then comes the time to take matters into your own hands! The problem? Well, how do you go about doing your own makeup without turning into one of those disaster stories you’ve heard of. It’s easy if you have the right tools and products.


To start off with you will need to select a foundation that matches exactly with your skin color. Most brides will make the biggest mistake of choosing a foundation that is too light in color! This causes the skin to look gray and unnatural. If you’re having trouble finding the right shade don’t be afraid to ask for help! Go to a makeup counter or Sephora where you can try before you buy. Your foundation should vary in coverage depending on what type of skin you have and what kind of look you’re aiming to achieve. For a more natural look, choose a liquid foundation that is sheer. This would be perfect for a small event held at home or a family dinner where you don’t want to look too made up. Creamier foundations will provide more coverage and give you a better stability to “build up” your look. We recommend, LORAC Natural Performance Liquid Foundation. It’s oil- paraben- and fragrance-free.


Let’s face it. Most of us don’t have great skin. Everyone has something they want to cover up. Even if you don’t have blemishes you should still invest in a concealer that you can use under your eyes and on your eyelids, allowing any eyeshadow that you may choose to wear to glide on smoothly and stay on. Keep in mind that your concealer will need to be in your exact skin tone in order for it to do its job! Wear your concealer under your foundation for a clean, smooth finish. We recommend, LORAC Double Feature Concealer. Cover blemishes and under eye circles with the concealer stick, then blend in using the blender ball. It’s hygienic and you won’t even need a brush! Use the liquid highlighter to lighten and brighten under the eyes, highlight cheekbones, and diffuse fine lines.


It’s very important to prepare your skin for good makeup. Makeup should always be applied on clean, moisturized skin. Use a primer, if you feel that it’s necessary to allow your foundation to glide on smoothly. In addition, be sure to follow a rigorous skin care routine and treatment leading up to your wedding and be sure to get any monthly facials in a timely manner. Talk to an esthetician to set up a skin care regimen that’s best for you.


Your eyes are the first thing anyone notices about you. Therefore, it’s important that they look perfect. Two essentials you must wear are kajal or eyeliner and mascara. Kajal is usually black which is best to use along with black mascara. Apply kajal on both upper and lower lids or use an eyeliner if kajal bothers you. Apply at least two coats of mascara, using a formula which will lengthen and thicken your lashes. Fake eyelashes can be worn if you know how to pull them off and if you feel that your lashes are too short. Otherwise the mascara should be good enough. You don’t want something so heavy that it weighs you down. You can wear eye shadows that match with your outfit for a glamorous look or neutral colored shadows for a more natural appearance. We recommend, Stila Kajal Eye Liner; it glides on smoothly without dragging across the fragile skin of the eye area.


Lipstick is obviously a must. If you can’t pull off red or you feel uncomfortable in it and think it looks bad on you then don’t wear it! Or, wear a lighter shade of red. Even though most brides tend to wear red clothes on their wedding day that doesn’t limit you to a bride red lipstick. Remember, if you’re wearing heavy eye makeup then opt for a lighter shade on your lips. You should either optimize your eyes or your lips. To make both pop out will leave your face out of proportion. A matching lip liner is a great way to keep your lipstick in place but it should be in the same shade. Don’t use a lip liner to make your lips bigger or smaller, ending in after meal disasters! Long wearing lipsticks are your best choice for the day.


Blush is more than just pink nowadays. It comes in lighter and more brighter shades with everyone from peach to hot pink and glittery. Use something which is not too overwhelming and complements the rest of your makeup well. A light shade of blush will give your skin some color. Something too empowering will make you appear overly dramatic and this is not the time for that! Find something in a light pink and apply just a little on the cheekbones for a slight hint of color.


Alternatively, you can use a bronzer instead of blush. Use a bronzer to highlight your cheekbones like you would blush for a golden hue. Use all over for a sun-kissed look but remember not to over do it and choose a glitter-free formula that’s suitable for flash photography. Bronzers work well on fair skin. If you’re dark then stay away from bronze or you’ll look darker!


The face is like a canvas and just like an artist needs the right brushes so will you. Don’t buy cheap brushes. The hairs fall out and get all over you. You will end up with a huge mess and will regret not spending an extra few bucks. This is not the place to be frugal. Invest in a set of professional makeup artist brushes. They don’t have to be overly expensive but should be good quality and made from natural hairs. A powder brush is a must have. If you’re wearing eye makeup you will need a few brushes to get the right angles. A concealer brush works well so that you don’t have to use your fingers to blend in the product. Other brushes are optional but not necessarily needed unless you know what to do with them!


Take your powder and sweep it over your face using a powder brush and not that pad that comes with most pressed powders! Loose powder tends to be longer lasting but messy. If you do choose to use it make sure you also have a pressed powder on hand for on-the-go touch-ups. The powder will keep your skin even and matted. We recommend, Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Powder Makeup SPF 10. It does exactly that…keeps your makeup in place!


Doing your wedding makeup should be a fun and rewarding experience for you. Don’t let it stress you out! Ask for help if needed. Many salons offer very affordable makeup lessons and the ladies at the makeup counter are there to help you so don’t be afraid to ask! Many will even do your makeup for you with the purchase of certain products. Watch and pay attention because you will need to follow in those steps when you’re on your own.

Last but not least, remember to relax and enjoy your day! The last thing on your mind should be worrying about your makeup. Too many brides invest too much in looking something they are not. Beauty is within and can’t be changed. Your husband to be fell in love with you, not your foundation!

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