October 2017

Flower Jewelry
[Wedding-January 2011]

I think flower jewelry is perfect for certain wedding events like the mehndi or haldi. Flower jewelry is very pretty and doesn’t have to look cheap or tacky. Especially, if you’re having a lot of wedding events and don’t┬áhave so many sets to go around for each one it’s a great choice as well. Do consider that on some events you may be wearing two or three necklaces together at the same time. This is necessary to achieve a “full” bridal look. Otherwise, your outfit may end up overtaking your jewelry. Long necklaces are perfect for this.

Now getting back to flower jewelry and why you may need it and should incorporate it. Of course, you could wear faux jewelry on half or even many of your events. If you wanted to you could even wear real jewelry. However, the flower jewelry is a nice change from everything else. It’s fresh and fun. If you’re worried about where to find flower jewelry here are some options. First, you could make it yourself. Have friends and family members help you or make it for you. Choose small delicate flowers in coordinating colors with your outfit or accenting it. If this isn’t a choice or time doesn’t permit then you could always go to a flower shop or someone specializing in this service. If you have a wedding planner, they may be able to help you with this. Let them know ahead of time so they have ample time to make the arrangements. Most flower shops may not offer this service but you may be able to find one who does, especially if they make wedding garlands. If you can’t find this service in your area don’t worry. As a last resort use the internet to find faux flower jewelry. It may not be as authentic as fresh flowers but it can get the job done and best of all be reused!

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