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Gifts for the Guests
[Wedding-November 2010]

With wedding season in full swing all the spotlights are on the lucky couple…the bride and groom. However, the bride and groom can’t forget their guests by thanking them and making them feel special and an important part of their big day. After all, if it weren’t for the guests it would be quite a small wedding!

Food and thank you cards are a part of the nice gesture shown to your guests but favors play their own little particularly special role. They’re small tokens of appreciation.

Whether its something as simple and traditional as an organza bag full of dried fruits and nuts or as creative and touching as miniature elephant photo holders, your wedding favors are important because they tell your guests “Thank you.”

Wedding favors have evolved greatly over the years from beautiful bags to bejeweled boxes and from kulfi matkis to ladoo baskets.

The favor you choose will depend on your taste and budget. You can spend from a few cents to several dollars per person.

When on a budget, settle for a less expensive favor for your biggest wedding event with the most guests and splurge on something ornate and personal for a smaller event with a few close friends, such as a mehndi.

Keychains ensure that your guests will always carry your gift with them and a picture frame will capture your special moment forever.

Cute, little mirrors with jewel stones are perfect for a female only event.

Elaborate containers are perfect for holding mithai!

Diyas serve a multi-purpose and can be conveniently purchased in packs.

For those wishing to give a little extra, go for marble.

There is not limit to gifts for your guests.

Great favors start with great ideas! Look around you for inspiration.

A unique favor may not be as hard to find as you think. Although sometimes a little extra investment may be required, when you see the look on your guests’ faces it will be worth it!

There is no limit to what you can give away as a favor. All it takes is a little imagination and extra effort to have memorable favors at your wedding.

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