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Preserving Wedding Clothes
[Wedding-August 2008]

Your big day is over and it’s time to start your new life together as a married couple. Before embarking on this exciting journey, one of the many important post-wedding steps you must take is to ensure that your wedding attire is well taken care of and carefully preserved to keep it in perfect condition for years to come so that you will be able to pass it on as a family heirloom one day.


It is very important that you find a dependable and trustworthy dry cleaner. They should be reputable and familiar with the cleaning of wedding garments. Try to select a professional dry cleaner that specializes in formal wear. Always ask for recommendations from friends, a bridal shop, or a seamstress. Store your garments inside a plastic bag on the way to the dry cleaners. Be sure to check for any stains and point them out carefully to the cleaner. Check the inside as well as the outside because the inside of the outfit is likely to contain makeup stains. Some stains may show up months or years later so after the initial cleaning you should check your wedding clothes every anniversary because they might need to be cleaned again.

You should deliver the dress to the cleaner as soon as you possibly can after the wedding is over. Don’t wait until after your honeymoon because the stains will sink in and will be harder to remove. To ensure that the cleaner gives the best care to your clothes notify them of any delicate work and embroidery that may easily come off in the cleaning process. Ask the cleaner to give you an acid free box to store your garments in and be sure to wrap them in acid free paper. Avoid boxes that have cellophane windows because light, especially exposure to sunlight, will damage the color on your clothes.


It is better to carefully fold and store away your wedding clothes rather than hang them. If you do choose to do so, however, then make sure you are storing it in a temperate and dry place. Place the clothes on a padded hanger and wrap them in a clean white cotton sheet. Professionals recommend storing in duvet covers to protect from light and allow the garments to breathe. Also keep a moisture absorber in your wardrobe to protect your clothes from dampness, especially if you live in humid weather! Remember that plastic bags will cause mildew over the years and bring out new stains. Hangers can also stretch the neckline of your outfit over a long period of time. The best way to preserve your wedding clothes for the long run is to wrap them in a pure cotton sheet or acid free tissue and carefully place them in an airtight box. This will not only preserve the delicate material but allow the garment to retain its original shape.


The dry cleaner you choose and the way you store your garments will have the biggest impact in the long run. You may choose to “preserve” your wedding garments by having your professional cleaner vacuum pack them to ensure freshness. This type of box will usually contain a window so that you can see your clothes as well without opening the packaging because once it is opened then you will have to get it preserved all over again.


Be sure to use your wise judgment, above all. Do not easily trust anyone with your special attire. Any small damage will ruin the quality of your garments so do not put this task off until later. If you do not have the time then designate someone to have the outfit cleaned for you while you are on your honeymoon. Do not wait too long because stains such as perspiration may begin to appear. Be very careful when handling your wedding clothes and make the cleaning arrangements ahead of time, prior to your wedding, to ensure that you get the best and timely results.

[As seen in March 2008 of Rivaaj]

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