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Saying ‘Thank You’
[Wedding-October 2008]

The party’s over. The gifts are unwrapped and your big day is starting to feel like a fond memory…but wait! Before you start that walk down memory lane… take a minute to go back to that part about gifts. You have one more thing left to do on your list. Your wedding is not really over until you’ve written your thank you notes. They came, they celebrated with you, and now they’re gone but they’ve left memories behind for you for years to come…we’re talking about your guests of course! It is very important to let them know that you care and appreciate all their efforts. So pick up your pen and get ready for the who, what, when, where, and why of “thank you.”


  • Make a list with the names and addresses of every single gift giver
  • Don’t forget all those friends who helped out with planning, decorations, running errands, etc.


  • It’s the right thing to do! It’s also an easy way to make a great impression or strengthen relationships.
  • It’s thoughtful…You’re sending a message that the gift or gesture was important to you and that the person is important to you!
  • It’s memorable. Your thank you note is your gift back to those who shared their time or gifts with you. Your recipient will remember you for this so don’t be surprised if they keep your notes!


In the beginning: Start with a word of sincere thanks…

  • Thank you so much for…
  • It made my day when I opened…
  • I appreciate the time you too to…
  • I’m so grateful you were there when…

In the middle: Refer to the specific gift or event. Tell them what it meant to you or how you’ll use it…

  • Tell them what the gift meant to you, why you like it, how you’ll use it, or something memorable abou the occasion.
  • Example: Yellow has always been my favorite color, and the vase will match perfectly with my new sofa.
  • Another Example: The going-away party you hosted meant so much to me. To have all my friends and family in one place was an experience I’ll never forget!
  • If the gift was a form of money it is appropriate to say, “Thank you so much for your generous wedding gift.”
  • Use phrases such as “we really appreciate it” and “we felt so honored.”

In the end: Restate your appreciation with kind words for the one you’re thanking. Remember to be sincere!

  • “Again, thank you for your generosity.”
  • “We felt so honored that you made the trip to be us on our wedding day–and we can’t wait to see you again soon!”
  • “Thank you again for everything.”


  • If possible, make sure your thank you notes are sent no later than one month after the wedding.
  • Better late than never! If it’s more than a month past due, begin with a brief apology. “Please forgive our tardiness in getting this sent to you…”
  • Have you already thanked them verbally? That’s always nice. But it’s not enough! It is always better to send a written note in addition to your verbal thanks.
  • Perhaps you sent an email thank you note? Now get our your pen. People like to keep handwritten notes so send the snail mail; you won’t be sorry!


  • From wherever you are. Just Sit. Think. Write. Thank.
  • To wherever they are. Post Office Box. Home Address. Business Place. What ever is Best.

Keep in mind that thank you notes should always be handwritten. They should be written on blank thank you cards. Your thank you cards can be ordered along with your invitations to match. If you didn’t, then just pick up a box from your local card store!

That’s it! You’re done. Take a deep breath. Congratulations! You’ve just earned a trip down memory lane.

[photo credits: paperimpressions.com, universalweddingcards.com, mayladesigns.com, pintuck.typepad.com, myexpression.com]

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