November 2017

The Vivah Collection
[Wedding-April 2009]

Right in time for wedding season Art Karat introduces The Vivah Collection…jewelry for your most precious moments for Spring 2009. It’s quite pricey but I suppose you wouldn’t mind for your special day! The entire collection is quite lavish but here at Arzoo Mag we’ve picked some of our favorites to share with you.

The collection combines some traditional pieces with the non. It combines both classic and contemporary.

Our personal wedding day picks and recommendations include traditional and timeless classics but the choice is of course yours.

The Mayukhi Choker is the perfect wedding day necklace. Paired with other Mayukhi pieces it practically spells b-r-i-d-e!

While you’re caught up in “dulhan world” don’t forget the groom! The Aamra Kalgi is fit for a prince.

Our personal favorite piece from the entire collection is none other than the Parinita Kalgi Bajubandh.

Complete your look with the signature Parinita necklace.

Then end the day well with these adorable Parinita toe rings…

With these pieces at your fingertips who wouldn’t want to get married this summer?!

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7 Responses to “The Vivah Collection”

  1. dharm Says:

    v god

  2. Aneesh Jaiswal Says:

    Where can I buy Amra Kalgi?

  3. Anika Says:

    where can I Buy Aamra kalgi from?

  4. admin Says:

    Sorry, we do not have one for sale at this time.

  5. sneha Says:

    Hi There

    How much is the second and third set shown in the picture?

  6. Joginder Says:

    I want to buy the Parineeta necklace..thanks

  7. cindu Says:

    how can i buy the toe ring? thanks

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