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Trosseau Treasures
[Wedding-January 2009]

A bride’s trosseau is her collection of clothes and jewelry that she takes with her from her parent’s home to her husband’s. It can definitely include more than just clothes and jewelery, such as shoes, accessories, and even furniture and other household items. Although their can be other vast additions to a trosseau the main focus is on the clothes and jewelry. The trosseau is traditional. It is your once in a lifetime opportunity to put together some of the most lavish clothes and the finest jewelry to build a lifelong collection for yourself. The size of your trosseau will depend on your budget and choice. Your style will also impact your belongings. Don’t choose to include something that you won’t use or wear. For example, what is the point of your parents buying you several gold jewelry sets if they are just going to sit in the bank and you’ll never wear them? If you prefer faux jewelry then opt for less of the real and more of the faux. This way your jewelry will be more useful to you. Although this is untraditional, it may make more sense for some brides.

Let’s start with the clothes. Your wedding clothes will come first. The outfits you’ll wear on your wedding and related events. These are pieces you’ll cherish forever and will make up the most integral part of your trosseau. Next you want to include other fine clothes that you will use in your married life. This includes saris, lenghas, salwars, etc. Your collection is not just limited to special occasion clothes but rather a mixture of both formal and casual wear.

Saris. Saris. Saris. Nothing is more Indian than the six to nine yards of fabric that Indian women have been draping around themselves in numerous ways for thousands of years. The sari has surely evolved from its original form to include a choli and more modern drapes. Including at least a few saris for your trosseau is a must unless you’ll never wear them. In that case, there is no pointing in investing in any. If you do choose to include saris though then be sure to make a nice mix of silks, cottons, party wear, and casuals. You’ll want to have a sari for every occasion that may come along.

Lengha or Not?? If you’re wearing a lengha on just your wedding then you may want one or two more for other occasions later. If however, you’ll be wearing several lenghas throughout your wedding days then you may want to reconsider the option of buying additional lenghas. Since most people don’t wear lenghas too often they become reserved for some very rare occasions. Therefore, you don’t have to spend extra money on these expensive outfits. They are quite regal and beautiful and it’s always nice to have at least one or two. If you happen to come across another occasion where you need a lengha and if the need arises then you will always have the opportunity to purchase any more that you may require.

Salwars and churidars are more commonly worn these days and if you wear them more frequently than other outfits then be sure to include several of these outfits in your collection. They are easy to find and come in many variations. Short kurtas with churidars. Anarkalis. Patialas. Traditional salwar kameez. Your options are endless. Be sure to compile a nice mix of both casuals and party wear suitable outfits.

In addition there are other oufits and variations of outfits that you can add to your wardrobe. There are the regal and elegant shararas and ghararas. Then there are different types of lenghas, ghagras, and chaniya cholis. Even fusion wear is an option. In addition, when shopping for saris be sure to remember that there are so many styles and choices out there such as the modern lengha sari or traditional benarasis.

For the jewelry, the choices and options are endless as well. It all depends on your budget, how much you intend to spend, personal choice, and style. Heavy sets are a must and especially reserved for your wedding and other important occasions later on. Although gold is traditional, diamonds have become more popular in recent years. Plain gold sets will go with everything. At least include one plain gold set unless you’re planning to invest in matching sets for every outfit. You don’t have to limit yourself to just jewelry sets either. Additional earrings, pendant sets, kangan, and maang tikkas can also be included. Combine your favorite pieces keeping in mind your style and needs.

Remember, assembling your trosseau should be a fun and rewarding experience as well as memorable. Don’t let is stress you. There are plenty of other elements of wedding planning to worry about. Choose for your trosseau things that suit your style and budget and remember that you’re building a wardrobe for yourself so be sure to make it useful to you keeping in mind what “you” want. Although traditions play a very integral role in this process, it doesn’t mean that you’re limited to a certain type of sari or that you can’t have a fishtail lengha. Most important of all have fun. Happy Shopping!

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