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Wedding Makeup 101: The Crash Course
[Wedding-April 2009]

Makeup can take up a huge chunk of the wedding budget. Not only is it pricey but elaborate, detailed, and intricate. Sometimes brides resort to doing their own makeup to avoid unnecessary costs and this can work…if you know what you’re doing that is! If not, you may want to get some help. There are no “ground” rules for bridal makeup and it does not have to be the same repetitive look you’ve been seeing for the last decade. In fact, bridal makeup has come a long way so why stay behind. Catch up with current trends and please don’t look white-washed. Most brides want to look “gori” or “white” on their wedding day. Why bother? If you’re not white, then putting on a very light shade of makeup is not going to make you look whiter. In fact, you will appear gray. Ok, sure everyone does it but it’s quite obvious that it’s fake. Instead play up your natural beauty and complexion. Times have changed and so has makeup so no need to keep yourself a century behind. It becomes a drag to see numerous “fake” brides too often. Bright red lipstick, heavy eye shadow, and fake lashes don’t look great on everyone. Your “look” should not only be something you like but something that likes you. This means that if it doesn’t suit YOU then don’t do it. Not everyone is able to pull off red lipstick. Plus, pale lips are in. So why not give some change a try. Your makeup doesn’t have to match EXACTLY with your outfit. It’s ok to have pale lips and a red sari.

Most important of all, decide on what type of look you want…diva, natural, princess, glamorous, traditional, contemporary, modern, or classic. Once you choose a look you’ll have a much easier path to travel upon. Whether you hire a makeup artist or do your own makeup make sure you do a trial run and consult magazines and books for images of the look you’re trying to achieve. Paint a mental picture for yourself and make it happen. Here we’ve put together a number of images that not only you can refer to for your own wedding day but we’ve also given you a short breakdown of imperative do’s and don’ts.

Pink lips are innocent and flattering, while red lips (the brighter they are) are fiery, passionate, and heavily impactive. This bride may look simple, but at least she’s letting her natural beauty shine through. This is the natural bride.

Choose between eyes OR lips. If you’re going to have heavy eye makeup then tone down the lips a bit. Sure, it’s your wedding day but that doesn’t mean you over do your makeup. The results, in turn, are horrible! Choose between eyes and lips wisely. If your lips are very thick then plumping them up more will just make them stick out and draw all the attention. The first thing you notice about this bride are her lips…and they’re not a pretty sight to see!

If you want to be a diva then your makeup will show it. Makeup plays an integral role in the diva look. Fake eyelashes are great but be sure to properly choose the length and style. After all, this is a wedding, not a freak show!

Remember, you don’t HAVE to match your clothes and makeup, especially lipstick! You can wear red lipstick if you want but just because your clothes are red doesn’t mean the lipstick has to be.

The traditional look is complete with timeless classics in both makeup and jewelery. An ornate maang teeka and jhumar will complement well with a flawless look.

If you’re going modern and contemporary you may even forgo traditional pieces all together. No hair accessories for you? Well, in that case you can let your makeup take over. Otherwise you don’t want to look too busy if your jewelery is competing with your makeup.

If beauty is on the inside then why do you need so much makeup. Bring out your inner beauty with this classic Umrao Jaan look.

By adding just the right touches of color you’ll not only bring out your own beauty but create a perfect balance between your makeup, outfit, and jewelery. The ultimate bridal look consists of flawless skin, perfect lips, and alluring eyes.

Your wedding day is not the time for your everyday look. Add a little something extra to make it special. If you don’t look extraordinary, you won’t look like a bride!

Using lip liner is a great idea but not when you can tell! Your lip liner should blend in with your lipstick and serve its purpose in keeping the color within the “lines.” Match your lip liner with your lipstick. Don’t wear one that’s darker because eventually, as your lipstick fades, it will stick out even more.

Wedding makeup is very important but don’t let is stress you out. Keep it hassle-free by keeping just a few simple steps in mind. First of all, if it’s not you then just don’t do it! Second, don’t make yourself look like someone you’re not or won’t ever be. People should be able to recognize you. If they don’t…then you or your makeup artist have done a horrible job. Remember to bring out your own natural beauty and use makeup to only enhance it and play it up. Whether you want to look natural or glamorous the same basic rules will always apply.

[photo credits: ambreenmakeup.com, studiosila.com]

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  1. Saman Ansari Says:

    Thank you for a lovely article and for giving credits to the respective sources. Just one correction, the images when moused over say makeup by Sila. Sila is a clothing design house, the makeup and hair services are by Studio Sila.

    Saman Ansari
    Aesthetic Director
    Studio Sila- The artistry of light and hue.

  2. Mrs. Talat Ansari Says:

    I reside in India. I would like to pursue your intensive course of make up in London. Please send me details i;e; date of srartng in the month of january and Februry,avialability to have a seat,course fee etc.Please also provide exact location of course.

  3. admin Says:

    Sorry, we are an online magazine and don’t teach makeup courses.

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    Hey i really like the Makeup done on these brides…i was wondering if there is a number to contact you guys for a trial or even to book for my wedding day…

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    Wow I love the makeup and hair!!!

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    Thanks Razeen!

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