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Wedding Season Awaits
[Wedding-April 2009]

Wedding season is almost a month away but the invitations have already started pouring in. I’ve already set dates for two weddings in May, then two in June, and two more in July! Summer is a popular time to get married for many reasons. The weather is gorgeous. Schools are closed. Fashion is at its best in the summer. It’s time to bring out those halter neck blouses. So popular, that’s all you see Aishwarya in these days.

So pull out those summer cholis and don’t forget to take a look at our choli guide in the fashion section for more ideas! Just a regular styled sleeveless blouse is definitely not a classic and has become tacky and outdated with all those great styles out there. Backless, bikini, back knot, halter, and strings are all really in. If you were long sleeves opt in for sheer sleeves.

Just please don’t wear black! It’s awful for many reasons. First of all it’s summer. Most important of all, black is inapropriate for weddings no matter what anyone says or how fancily embroidered your black sari is and especially if it’s not! This is not the time for New Year’s Eve midnight elegance but rather color. Bright colors with fashionable accessories. Oranges and Reds. Sequins and Sparkles. Not sure what to wear? Try a lengha sari if you haven’t already done so. Remember, white will help reflect that hot summer heat!

Get ready, set, and gorgeous for lavish summer weddings. Sought the best of everything. Buy bright, appealing lenghas; regal, flirty anarkalis; and elegant, graceful saris. Don’t be left behind. This is not the time to settle for anything less. Get over the biggest fear most young and old women tend to have these days…that you will be overdressed! You can never be overdressed for a wedding. It’s the time to go above and beyond. Don’t fret over attempting not to “compete” with the bride because no matter what you wear it will never be to lavish that it will compete with the bride! She will remain center-stage of attention. So go ahead, and wear that red sari!

Be a trendsetter not a follower! Dare to do something different. As long as it’s fashionable. Tone down your makeup and let your clothes do all the work for you! Accessorize with gold, jewels, and trendy shoes. Relax, be yourself, don’t do anything that makes you uncomfortable, and find something that will make your natural beauty radiate. Just because you’re not the bride doesn’t mean that you’re not important. It may not be “your” day but it is a day “you” can look great too. Don’t forgo this opportunity to look your best because before you know it summer and weddings will fly right by! So don your favorite sari, grab matching accessories, head shopping before it’s too late, and get ready for a really fabulous time because wedding season eagerly awaits you and 2009 is going to be a great year for weddings!

[photo credits: homeindia.com, cbazaar.com, utsavsarees.com]

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