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What to Wear to a Wedding
[Wedding-November 2008]

Dressing up for a wedding is always a fun and memorable experience even if the wedding is not your own. People tend to remember what you wore that day and it will probably show up in the pictures that the bride and groom will cherish for years to come. Therefore, it can be a little tricky deciding what to wear. You want to wear something new and exciting and something that is in style but it is also important to not look overly trendy.

A few years ago salwars and churidars were replaced with wide leg “pants” that were worn with kurtas. These are no longer in style so when we look back it does not give such a great impression. On the other hand, the butterfly pallu sari just went out of style recently as it was replaced by the lengha/ghagra sari. However, the butterfly pallu is still a sari; and a sari never goes out of style! Even though it was a trendy sari it is not considered overly trendy because it combines the traditional with something new and exciting.

Speaking of new, the lengha/ghagra sari is really in style right now and is the perfect choice for a wedding.

The anarkali is definitely one of the exciting trends today as well. It may be trendy but is also a classic that has been worn for thousands of years and has come and gone as kurtas went from long to short and now both are currently acceptable.

Chaniya Cholis/ghagras/lenghas are always an exciting choice for a wedding. People choose not to wear these if the wedding is not of someone whom they are close to. Family members deck out far more and that is justified but that does not mean that the other guests should be far behind. It is important for everyone to look their best. Sometimes family members don’t look their best! This is unacceptable as well. Looking great is adding to the festivities and celebration. So look your best and show that you care.

You can never look overdressed or over done for a wedding! This is the time to look lavish and spectacular. You want to be a trendsetter and always look your best on special occasions. Make head turns with reds, oranges, greens, and other traditional colors and elements. Black and dull colors are just lame and unacceptable. This is not the day to wear whatever you can find. It’s your opportunity to look your best and make a lasting impression.

Nothing outdoes the sari! If you don’t feel comfortable in a lengha, just don’t have one, don’t want to spend the money on one, or whatever your reason always go for the sari. There are many choices available to you and you can look classic in a traditional sari or daring and amazing in a trendsetter sari. Both are great choices. Experiment with different drapes and styles. Try new blouse designs. Wear matching traditonal shoes and jewelry. Don’t be left behind!

Speaking of jewelry, this is the time to go to the bank and bring out that gold! Faux jewelry may be popular but real jewelry never goes out of style. It is a waste to keep it sitting there when you have the opportunity to enhance your look with the right touches of gold. Wear a jewelry set with a necklace and earrings. Add a maang tikka for a traditional touch. Wear matching rings if possible and don’t forget to splurge on bangles. Both matching churiyaan and gold bangles and kangan are great choices.

Finish your look with good makeup. Don’t overdo the glitter or you will look like a clown! Remember, moderation is the key. It’s elegant to look lavish but everything should balance out. Not everyone looks amazing in green eyeshadow! Take the time to figure out what’s best for you. If you’re not sure, seek the advice of a stylist or makeup artist. Ask your friends and family. Sometimes other people can be better judges than yourself.

Don’t forget accessories. It’s very distasteful to show up with your every day handbag. A matching batwa or a gold clutch will finish off your look nicely. Matching shoes are a big plus or you can wear gold or silver ones to match the embroidery on your clothes. You can make some last minute additions to your jewelry. Perhaps you’re wearing short sleeves? It would be appropriate to add a bajubandh. A matching bindi will also add the finishing touch.

Wearing a sari? Hang a sari juda off of your waist. It’s a decorative key chain that can come in matching colors. If you’re not planning to cover your hair a simple updo or a traditional hairstyle is perfectly acceptable. You don’t want your hair to empower your clothes and jewelry. It is important to retain a balance in order to avoid looking “overdone.” This does not mean you have to limit yourself! You just have to choose the right elements that go best with each other.

Remember, that dressing up is fun and easy. It shouldn’t be a difficult task but rather a rewarding experience. Plan ahead of time and always ask for the advice of others. Traditional looks and trendy looks are both acceptable when done the right way. You don’t have to look like a bride but you do have to look great. It’s the least you can do to show you care. Plus, you won’t regret all the compliments you receive!

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